Walking With Prehistoric Beasts by Pritvik Sinhadc

A mind-blowing journey with nine-year-old Pritvik Sinhadc into the fascinating world of prehistoric life starting 550 million years ago till the era when modern man evolved… Pritvik Sinhadc, a student of Dubai British School, is the world’s youngest author on palaeontology and published his first book at the age of seven.

8 year old Pritvik Sinhadc’s EEG Lecture

Eight-year-old Pritvik Sinhadc, who is the world’s youngest author in palaeontology, enthrals a packed crowd of over 75 environmentalists, professors, academicians, scientists and students with his lecture on the impact of radioactive and nuclear waste on marine and land species at the Emirates Environmental Group’s 9th Community Lecture of the year.

Pritvik Sinhadc: A gee-whiz talent at nine

pritvik at his room

Author, environmentalist and science ambassador, Pritvik Sinhadc, discusses limb re-growth, the need to clean up wastewater in the UAE, and the feathery side to dinosaurs.

Meet Dubai’s genius boy wonder

pritvik with stuffed dinos

He’s only seven, but Pritvik Sinhadc has an IQ higher than Albert Einstein’s, is a science and maths whiz and has already written his first book on dinosaurs. Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary meets him