♦Gold Award in British Physics Olympiad’s AS Senior Physics Challenge (2021)
♦Champion of Dubai College Math Olympiad: Earned ‘Best Mathematician’ title in school after defeating 140 able mathematicians (2021)
♦International Schools Mathematics Teacher Foundation’s (ISMTF) Senior Mathematical Competition (2021): Nominated by Dubai College: Ranked 7th globally in the Teams Round (out of 200 teams); 12th overall (combination of Teams and Individual Rounds); 8th individually in school
♦‘State Asset’ (2020): Declared by the UAE Prime Minister for fostering scientific research and combating renal failure along with COVID
♦Gold Award in UK Mathematical Trust’s (UKMT) Senior Mathematical Challenge (2020)
♦Gold Award in British Physics Olympiad’s Year 10 Physics Challenge (2019)
♦Gold Award in British Biology Olympiad’s (Royal Society of Biology) Biology Challenge (2019)
♦TEDx Speaker (March 5, 2019): Invited by the Institute of Management Technology Dubai to give a TEDx Talk on quantum computing titled, ‘When the bit becomes spooky and little things matter: Quantum strangeness to revolutionize future computing’
♦Best Delegate Award at the 5th edition of the American University in Dubai MUN conference (2019): For displaying exemplary debating and speaking skills to top over 850+ participants and 40 delegations
♦Duke of Edinburgh International Bronze Award (2019)
♦Year 8-10 Subject Prize in Geography for ‘Outstanding Contribution’ to the subject by Dubai College (2019)
♦Year 8-10 Subject Prize in Mathematics for ‘Outstanding Contribution’ to the subject by Dubai College (2018)
♦Future Stars-Arabian Achievement Award: Recipient of the UAE’s youngest ‘Star of Tomorrow’ award (2018)
♦Dubai College Maths Super League Winner in Year 8, Runners-Up in Year 10 (2016, 2018)
♦‘Incredible Talent’ felicitation by the Sharjah Book Authority (April 24, 2017): Declared at the cover launch of my third book titled, ‘Walking with Prehistoric Beasts’ at the Sharjah Reading Festival
♦Plate Finals winner and Runners-Up Trophy at the Gulf Debates (2017, 2018)
♦Dubai College Community Action Service Award (CASA) Award (2017-2018): Earned this for launching the UAE’s first Paleontology Society in school, teaching Year 8 students’ physics and math, and playing tennis despite a critical hand operation to remove multiple osteochondromas
♦Science Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution’ to Physics, Chemistry and Biology by Dubai College (2016)
♦Computer Science Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution’ to the subject by Dubai College (2016)
♦National finalist in the Genes in SpaceTM UAE competition (2016): Worked on DNA experimentation using mini-PCR with David S. Copeland, Director, Payloads-Flight Integration, The Boeing Company
♦Young Achiever Award by Femina Middle East for my achievements as a STEM author 2016
♦EYEDEX Plaque by Early Years Education for being the world’s youngest author in paleontology 2016
♦‘Guest Lecturer’ at the PAN-Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Meet (2014): Took a 350-plus audience on a fascinating journey into the incredible world of prehistoric life. Received standing ovation
♦Young Science Ambassador by British Science Association (2013): For completing the Megastar Science CREST Award, a project based on STEM
♦Author meet by invitation from the Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt, Germany (2013): Invited to exchange my first book ‘When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth’ with Dr Bernd Herkner and talk about the prehistoric era
♦Crystal Trophy Award by the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) (2012):  My curiosity on prehistoric mass extinctions and its untapped link with cosmic radiation resulted in my second book, ‘Planet Radioactive: A Mutant World: Impact of Nuclear Waste on Marine and Land Species’, and my talk on this at EEG made me its youngest ‘Crystal Trophy’ winner
♦World’s Youngest Author in Paleontology (2011): Earned this title for publishing my first book, ‘When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth’ at seven

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