University of Alberta, Department of Biological Sciences online courses:

*‘Paleontology—Early Vertebrate Evolution’, under Prof Alison Murray (100%) in 2018 *‘Paleontology—Ancient Marine Reptiles’, under Prof Michael Caldwell (100%) in 2017*‘Dino 101—Dinosaur Paleobiology’, under Prof Philip John Currie (100%) in 2017 *‘Theropod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Birds’, under Prof Philip John Currie (92%) in 2016

Brown University’s Pre-College Immersion in STEM II program (June 25-July 6, 2018)

*Completed an on-campus astronomy course titled, ‘The Grand Tour: Our Solar System up close and personal’*Team Leader for a collaborative research titled, ‘Mars 2020 Rover Mission’; used NASA data, satellite imagery, and planetary missions to examine the usefulness of Jezero Crater as a site for detecting micro-fossils; presented a paper titled, ‘What does Mission 2020 […]

World Science Scholar (WSS) at age 13, under the World Science Festival, and Mentor for the current cohort at age 17 (WSS: June 2018-June 2020; Mentor: July 2021-present)

*Selected at 13 (perquisite is above 15 years) as one of the top 45 exceptional under-18 mathematicians in the world — first from the MENA region — to attend this fully-funded two-year program for extraordinary mathematical talents; emerged as one of top five Scholars in my cohort *Researched, learned, and mastered 13 college and graduate-level […]

International Summer School for Young Physicists (ISSYP), Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (July 19-30, 2021):

*Selected as one of the top 40 students (approximately 4% acceptance rate) around the world (20 Canadians, 20 international) with full financial aid *The two-week-long prestigious ISSYP research program is for rising seniors who exemplify an outstanding passion for theoretical physics and math *Attended core lectures and seminars, and studied quantum mechanics, special relativity, general […]

Dubai College, Dubai, UAE (2015-present)

*A-Level: Year 12 and 13: Further Math, Math, Physics, Biology and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) — a 7000-word research paper titled, ‘Is it possible to detect primordial gravitational waves from Cosmic Inflation?’ (September 2020-August 2022): *AS-Level end of Year 12 exam (topped in all subjects): Further Math (96.25%), Further Statistics and Mechanics (98.75%), Pure Math […]