8-year-old Dino expert roars

pritvik on stage

When most kids his age indulge in sports or share a craze for gizmos and video games, eight-year-old Pritvik Sinhadc is caught in a world that revolves only around pre-historic creatures. It is dinosaurs of all shapes, sizes and eras that make his world go round. And, this obsession awarded him the honour to address […]

Expert en dinosaures 7-ans pour lancer livre

pritvik on stage

He’s a minuscule, petit homme, qui divague sur des dinosaures comme un expert et les bouches réels tongue-twister les noms avec un aplomb, laissant son auditoire en haleine. À sept ans, vous pouvez l’imaginer à parler de sport, jeux vidéo ou derniers gadgets, mais les dinosaures sont ce qui rend le monde Pritvik Sinhadc de […]

Author and dinosaur expert — all at seven


  He describes the periods of the prehistoric world, explains the differences between a Suchomimus and a Spinosaurus, and sets out his plan to write two more books about dinosaurs. All very impressive for a seven-year-old. Pritvik has astounded his parents, peers and teachers with his incredible knowledge about palaeontology. His debut as a published […]

7-year-old’s book on dinosaurs out

pritvik and his book

When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth is a book written by Pritvik Sinhadc, a 7-year-old boy from Dubai. It is his first publication. In fact, it is the first such book to be written by a seven-year-old in the UAE. He was nine months old when his unusual interest in prehistoric creatures made his parents wonder […]