Pritvik Sinhadc

Dubai College, Dubai, UAE (2015-present)

*A-Level: Year 12 and 13: Further Math, Math, Physics, Biology and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) — a 7000-word research paper titled, ‘Is it possible to detect primordial gravitational waves from Cosmic Inflation?’ (September 2020-August 2022):

*AS-Level end of Year 12 exam (topped in all subjects): Further Math (96.25%), Further Statistics and Mechanics (98.75%), Pure Math (100%), Applied Math (93.3%), Physics (Paper 1: 89% and Paper 2: 97%), Biology (Paper 1: 85% and Paper 2: 94%)

*GCSE: Year 9, 10, 11 (all higher levels) September 2018-August 2020: Nine A**s or Grade 9s (highest possible) in Math (early entry in 2019), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Geography, English Language (early entry in 2019), English Literature, and Design and Technology; A* or Grade 8 in French; A (highest possible) in accelerated Additional Advanced Math (FSMQ); A* (highest possible) in Higher Project Qualification for my 7,000-word research paper titled, ‘Should humanity become an interstellar Type II Civilization?’