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7-Year-Old Indian Pritvik Sinhadc: World’s Youngest Author and Dinosaur Expert

Seven-year-old Pritvik is a science genius. He has already authored two books on paleontology.
Published on January 11, 2014

Seven-year-old Pritvik is a science genius. He has already authored two books on paleontology. The Class 4 student has taken the world of science by storm with his book ‘When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth’.

“I’m fascinated about dinosaurs because they were very big, and smart. In fact they are the smartest animals ever to walk on earth. And they did live a long life and were very fast,” he explains.

Pritvik, a student of Dubai British School, even doubles up as teacher for Year 5 and 6 students, after his expert opinion was sought to tackle the school’s new module on dinosaurs.

The book, his mom Indira elaborates, was conceived by Pritvik after he felt his students were unable to grasp much during his lectures.

He took a year to complete the book, in which he explores “Triassic, or when the first dinosaurs started, then the early-Jurassic, Jurassic, early-Cretaceous and Cretaceous. That’s five different periods”.

His obsession, which dates back to when he was as little as a year old, did unnerve his parents, with his mother trying various tactics to ensure he did “normal things” that other kids his age would do.

“It started with reptiles, snakes, crocodiles and komodo, and it graduated to the prehistoric world. Then, there was no stopping him.

Initially we thought it wasn’t unusual, but soon he started getting so engrossed in dinosaurs that he didn’t do anything else,” recalls Indira.

“If you hear a one-year-old pronouncing these words correctly, with no baby tongue, it’s bound to worry any parent. And, his teachers would always complain that he never paid attention in class, even though his grades were exceptional.”

Pritvik was shifted from Dubai American Academy to Dubai British School following complaints from his teachers, but it wasn’t until his Year 1 assessment that his parents learnt that “he wasn’t autistic but, actually, gifted”.

His academic achievements were plenty, and enunciated this observation. “Pritvik topped the primary section on world maths day.

Walk into his room, which is a sanctuary of dinosaurs, in different shapes, size and colour, and you get sense of how passionate he is about the world of these prehistoric creatures. Even his paintings, that line the wall to his room or decorate coffee mugs, captures the prehistoric time.

“They have been on this earth for millions of years and we have discovered only some of them. There are still so many of them left to be discovered,” Pritvik said.

For his mother Indira it’s been tough dealing with the special demands of a very special child. “It is extremely difficult, as a mother, it is a very big challenge. Seeing the names that he could remember, I found it difficult to accept that he is different,” she says.

But for his grandfather, an academic Pritvik is a rare light of genius. He spends hours with Pritvik baffling him with questions. “When he was two or two and a half he asked me once how when when we turn the car we turn outwards. He learnt centrifugal force, then something I learnt in college,” his grandfather says.

Pritvik has already completed his second book and is on his third. His dream is to be a successful paleontologist. And so the journey begins for this young boy fascinated with what roamed the earth millions of years ago.


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