Paws for Therapy

Founder-CEO-Mentor-Trainer of PAWS (People Animal Welfare Services) for Therapy (2019-present):

Set up in response to relieve pain after my osteochondroma operations and renal failure, I train today five dogs and mentor 60+ volunteers to provide free dog therapy to those who need a healing paw, including, children with Down Syndrome, the differently-abled, children of prisoners, cancer patients, the terminally ill, and those battling depression and suicidal thoughts. My volunteers and I, along with our furry therapists, collaborate and organize visits to hospitals, children behind bars, special needs schools, rehab centres, and those in hospice care to offer hope, emotional support, and relief from pain and stress. PAWS has also tied up with Al Noor Training Centre for Persons with Disabilities via our school’s Volunteering Society.