Pritvik Sinhadc


8-year-old boy presents EEG Lecture

Young environmentalist talks about harmful effects of radioactive waste
By Staff Reporter
Published on September 12, 2012


Dubai: Pritvik Sinhadc who is only eight years old, presented a lecture on the impact of radioactive waste on marine and land species at the Emirates Environmental Group’s 9th Community Lecture of the year, held at the Dubai Customs premises.
He talked about the dangers of radioactive waste and its devastating effects on species, stating that the primary source of radioactive waste was from human activities such as nuclear power plants, nuclear testing and improper disposal of nuclear, radioactive and hazardous waste.
The talk also revolved around research on topics such as prehistoric extinction and man-made nuclear disasters that have deleterious effects on the genetics of marine and land species, hence creating mutations within generations to come.
At the end of the event Sinhadc was presented with a crystal showcasing EEG’s gratitude for his time, research and lecture.
The EEG concluded by expressing how proud it was to prove that environmental sustainability and justice do not recognise age, gender, political or geographical barriers by hosting an event with a remarkable eight-year-old boy, acknowledged as a talented and extremely knowledgeable person.

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