Pritvik Sinhadc

Founder and Head of STEM Talks Society (2018-present)

Was asked to set up Dubai College’s first STEM Talks Society under the guidance of my physics teacher, Dr Barry Stormont, after he heard my talk on ‘Time Crystals’. I was in Year 10 then, and today, as Head of my school’s most prestigious science society, I steer a nine-member Leadership Team to instil confidence among 1,000-plus students to talk and teach STEM. With over 100-plus STEM Talks to date, including mine titled, ‘Galactic mystery: The fluctuating flavors of neutrinos’, ‘Probability of life on an exoplanet’, ‘Detecting biosignatures and false positives’, etc, my team and I collaborate to arrange internal and external speakers, produce a STEM Talks magazine, handle a website, and Twitter account.