Pritvik Sinhadc

Rise: Global Youth Talent Finalist: Initiative of Schmidt Futures and Rhodes Trust, with $500,000+ benefits for Global Winners (2021-present)

*One of the largest scholarship programs in the world to support extraordinary talented youngsters who want to build a better society

*As one of the 500 finalists from over 165 nations, representing 70+ nations, I received $1,000 in grant towards my education and a chance to compete in the 100 Rise Global Winners interview. If I win, a window of opportunities and mentorships will open up for me, including a four-year, post-secondary university scholarship (tuition + living stipend), funds for graduate degree, data package, and an invitation to the Residential Summit

*My ‘Big Idea’ is on ‘Climate Change’ — why we must not just look to infer trends we see from past mass extinctions, but also take a quantitative approach by using statistical techniques such as Network and Assembly Theory to get concrete formalisms on the causes and effects of atmospheric, geologic or extrasolar phenomenon that affected our world to more accurately pinpoint stressors that can aggravate these issues in today’s world