Pritvik Sinhadc

World Science Scholar (WSS) at age 13, under the World Science Festival, and Mentor for the current cohort at age 17 (WSS: June 2018-June 2020; Mentor: July 2021-present)

*Selected at 13 (perquisite is above 15 years) as one of the top 45 exceptional under-18 mathematicians in the world — first from the MENA region — to attend this fully-funded two-year program for extraordinary mathematical talents; emerged as one of top five Scholars in my cohort

*Researched, learned, and mastered 13 college and graduate-level advanced, immersive, and challenging courses in mathematics, theoretical and particle physics, string theory, astrophysics, astrobiology, cosmology, computational thinking, neuroscience, climate change, etc, under an unmatched WSS faculty

*Got a rare chance to do collaborative research projects, present papers, attend core lectures and live sessions, and engage with Nobel Laureates, Breakthrough Prize recipients, cutting-edge scientists, academic stalwarts and researchers who serve as WSS professors, including Brian Greene, Barry Barish, Cumrun Vafa, Justin Khoury, Matias Zaldarriaga, Shep Doeleman, Stephen Wolfram, Suzana Herculano-Houzel, etc

*Currently, as a WSS Alumni, I mentor and support scholars via research collaborations, and ensure alumni communication for live sessions