Pritvik Sinhadc

Youngest Affiliated Researcher at BEYOND: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, USA, at age 15 (June 25, 2020-present)

*Selected as a researcher to work on multiple projects in theoretical physics, astrophysics and astrobiology, under Prof Sara Walker, Deputy Director at BEYOND and Associate Professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University (

*Completed a research project and co-authored a paper titled, ‘A Review of Bayesian Methods in Astrobiology’ under Prof Walker to find out the probability of life on a specific exoplanet, given a set of data, and taking into account biotic and abiotic factors — the possibility of false positives —to be published in the ‘Astrobiology’ journal. Link:

*Currently working on the below projects, all of which will culminate in research papers to be published under Prof Walker between 2021 and 2022:

(i). ‘Assembly Theory and Abiogenesis’, which utilizes Assembly Theory or alternative methods to describe the complexity of the chemical pathways involved in abiogenesis and the likelihood of such pathways being replicated on exoplanets   

(ii).‘Planetary networks to infer spectral data’, which utilizes exoplanetary atmospheric networks to infer spectral emission and absorption graphs

(iii).‘Information theoretic models of black hole thermodynamics’ to look at how information theory paradigms, such as how Domain Theory can be used to describe the information transfers involved in processes such as Hawking Radiation, black hole area divisions, etc  (iv). ‘RNA-World hypothesis on exoplanets’ to look at the impracticalities of applying RNA-World type scenarios to exoplanetary environments