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Far ahead of his time

pritvik the author
Kid catches dinosaurs between covers
By Hindustan Times (Kolkata)
Published on July 13, 2012


This is Pritvik Sinhadc, the author of the book called When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth

KOLKATA: The young mind is ever curious about topics meant for adults to know and discuss about. But this is the case of a seven-year-old boy who is far ahead of such household theories, as he speaks of dinosaurs and paleontology much like experts, and is currently working on his books on the subject.

He has already launched the book in Dubai on June 21, and is currently working on two other books on the prehistoric animals. Pritvik says, “My second book is on the rare and weird dinosaur species like the Spinosaurus, which ate fish. The third book is on radioactive mutation, like animals that underwent genetic mutation with effects of radiation etc.” Pritvik plays around his room, candidly throwing off difficult names of his favourite dinosaurs like Spinosaurus and Allosaurus to his clueless mother, who was more scared of her son’s superhuman traits than being amazed by them. Such child prodigies are presumably occupied with their books and academics, but young Pritvik is also a brown belt champion in karate and an excellent painter, according to his mother, Indira Sinhadc. The Dubai residents, with their hometown in Shantiniketan first assumed their son to be autistic because of the abnormal behaviour in his infancy. At the age of one year he started asking questions on gravity, the centrifugal forces and most importantly, the prehistoric creatures who roamed on the earth. Later on they discovered that the child was gifted in paleontology

Mother Indira says, “We were tired of his questions and could not answer them all. Then we tried to get him admitted to school, where he could find his answers, but Dubai schools do not admit kids below the age of four years. So, we sent him to an American academy, who called us on the second day of his school to say they were unable to answer Pritvik’s questions.”

She added, “He used to get bored in class, as he knew everything that was being taught beforehand. We were forced to buy him books on paleontology and the origin of species. His academician grandfather, Chayan Dharchoudhuri, used to source him with DVDs, journals and magazines to quench the thirst he had.”

Even being a physics teacher himself, the old man found it extremely difficult to answer the boy’s questions on the theories of ‘wormhole’.

“Topics such as the wormhole can’t be easily explained to a child this age. It’s very complicated, but hypothetical theory about travelling in the space with shortcuts. How can I explain it to a seven year old boy, so that he can understand it,” said Dharchaudhuri, who lives with the family in Dubai. The seven-year-old wants to be a paleontologist.