Research papers:
♦‘A Review of Bayesian Methods in Astrobiology’ (End 2021): This paper, under Prof Sara Walker at BEYOND: Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, will be published in the ‘Astrobiology’ journal. Link to the published paper will be available soon. ‘Astrobiology Primer’ (September 2021): This collaborative research under NASA will be published on
♦‘How the origin of life on Earth can inform us about life as we don’t know it’ (End 2021): The Chapter 9 of NASA’s ‘Astrobiology Primer’ will be further published in the ‘Astrobiology’ journal. Link to the published paper will be available soon.
♦‘Should humanity become an interstellar Type II Civilization?’ (September 2021): Under review for publication in the ‘Space Policy’, this 7,000-word Higher Project Qualification dissertation paper, which I worked from September 2018 to June 2020, investigates the next stage on the Kardashev scale and explores if and how we could harness the entire solar output from the sun. After achieving the highest possible grade of A*, I researched three hours every week since September 2020 to further improve this paper. Complete paper:
♦‘Sequencing Closterium moniliferum as an effective nuclear waste disposal strategy’ (September 2021): Under review for submission to the ‘Young Scientists Journal’ for publication, this research work since September 2012 to January 2021 is an extension of my book, ‘Planet Radioactive: A Mutant World: Impact of Nuclear Waste on Marine and Land Species’. I dedicated two hours every weekend to explore how sequestering and harnessing the boundless potential of freshwater green algae can help remove Strontium 90 from spent fuel, thereby cleaning up nuclear waste. Abstract:

♦‘When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth’ (2012): At seven, I became the world’s youngest author in paleontology, a culmination of a passion that took extreme proportions when I, a five-year-old Year 1 student, started enlightening my Dubai British School teachers on the prehistoric world. Result: I was asked to teach Year 4-5 students on dinosaurs. Thus began my writing journey. Enriched with stunning visuals crafted by me, the book explains the biomechanics of dinosaurs in the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Sponsored by Magrudy’s, one of UAE’s largest bookshops, 4,260 copies have been sold to date, the funds of which have been used to launch PAWS for Therapy.
♦‘Planet Radioactive: A Mutant World: Impact of Nuclear Waste on Marine and Land Species’ (2014, 2021): This book emphasizes the impact of nuclear waste on living organisms, catastrophic mutations, why long-term safe disposal of spent fuel is mandatory keeping in perspective upcoming nuclear power plants, and how freshwater green algae can clean up radioactive wastes like Strontium 90, thereby enabling us to safely choose nuclear energy over fossil fuels. With 1,702 copies sold to date, an updated reprint will be published this year.
♦‘Walking with Prehistoric Beasts’ (2017, 2021): A sequel to my first book, with my added artworks and digital graphics, this book takes its readers through a mind-blowing journey into the incredible world of prehistoric life starting 550 million years ago till the era when modern man evolved. With 2,111 copies sold to date, an updated reprint will be published this year.

♦‘Are we heading towards a new mass extinction? And if so, can we stop it?’ (2020): Published in ‘DC Quantum’ Volume 1
♦‘Wall Street scams and scandals’ (2019): Published in ‘Dubai Keynes Society Newsletter’
♦‘Bio Miracles: Wonder Organs: The power of stem cells’ (2018): Published in ‘Hardwire’, Volume 1 Issue 2
♦‘Deriving the speed of light from Maxwell’s Equations’ (2018): Published on the World Science Scholar Platform
♦‘Quantum wavelength and position uncertainty’ (2018): Published on the World Science Scholar Platform

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