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When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth is an enjoyable educational book that explains in clear language all concepts pertaining to the bio-mechanics of these fascinating creatures. The book has stunning visuals, with user-friendly facts on almost all major dinosaurs in the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Appealing to all ages, including both child and the youth, this is the perfect book to understand these mysterious pre-historic creatures.

When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth has taken the educational world by storm. This gifted child’s (then just seven) first masterpiece is fascinating, insightful and inspires children all over the globe to reach their full potential as Pritvik has done. In the author’s own word: “As far as he can recollect, I’ve always been in love with these fantastic, absolutely mind-blowing creatures….The fact that they once roamed in our backyards gives me a thrill he simply can’t express.”

What Pritvik’s teachers’ have to say…

Former Peter Moore, Head of Primary School, Dubai British School: “To have such a keen interest in dinosaurs and to have pursued this passion so enthusiastically from such an early age is admirable. I have every confidence that we are likely to see his name amongst the experts in palaeontology in the future and those of us who have known Pritvik at DBS will remember this early start to his career.”

Georgina Williams, Deputy Head of Primary at Jumeira Baccalaureate School in Dubai and Pritvik’s Year 1 Teacher at Dubai British School: “You only have to hear Pritvik talk for a few moments about his passion and you soon realize just how special he is. I recall a conversation with a teacher who was trying to think of how to bring to life a lesson about dinosaurs for her Year Three class as she felt this wasn’t her area of expertise. I told her I knew just the right person and explained about Pritvik, but this teacher didn’t really understand how gifted this little boy who I described was until she saw Pritvik present to the class a very impressive power point detailing all the different types of dinosaurs, what they looked like, the dates when they roamed the earth and why they became extinct. We were both in awe of Pritvik as he delivered his presentation to a class of students three years his senior. It wasn’t a rehearsed presentation where he recited facts about dinosaurs, but a young boy sharing his passion and who was clearly in his comfort zone and relishing every minute of it. This book is a celebration of everything Pritvik has so far learned about Dinosaurs and he has a special way of making you forget his age and draws you in with the way he shares his knowledge.…. Believe me this is only just the beginning of what he will contribute towards the world of palaeontology. I still do not doubt Pritvik’s path in life and look forward to the day when he becomes a real Doctor of Palaeontology!”

Ainslie Teale, Year 4 Teacher, Dubai British School: “I first met Pritvik as a five-year-old when he presented an amazing PowerPoint presentation he had made, all about dinosaurs! He presented it to a Year 3 class and they were a very captive and totally amazed audience. I wish Pritvik all the best for the future and have no doubt Pritvik will continue his great interest in dinosaurs and that he will grow up to become the youngest famous Palaeontologist ever!”

Hannah Turner, Year 3 Teacher, Dubai British School: “I have never encountered such enthusiasm for such a complex area of study from a child so young. Pritvik’s interest and understanding of pre-historic creatures is quite staggering… I feel very fortunate to have had the school palaeontologist in class who can pronounce dinosaurs’ names correctly, comment on their eating and behavioural patterns, body systems and periods of existence without the aid of the internet or information book! Pritvik has delivered a series of presentations based on information recorded in his fantastic book and does so with gusto. It has been fascinating to watch how Pritvik comes alive when he talks about his favourite topic, how he engages his audiences and leaves them in a state of amazement. I wish him all the best and am in no doubt that he will continue to make a name for himself in the world of palaeontology.”

Paula Gardner, former Teacher, Dubai British School: “For one so young, so focused and so driven I remain in awe. I wish Pritvik every success. May he continue to enjoy this chosen field of study. I look forward to many more such works of accomplishment. You are the brightest star!”

Lucy Barr, former Teacher, Dubai British School: “There are very few children who demonstrate such a keen interest and desire to learn more about historical science. His ability to recall facts and information relating to prehistoric life is remarkable. I am sure he has an amazing future ahead of him as a palaeontologist, hopefully leading him to some incredible discoveries.”

The launch press release from Magrudy’s…
For the first time in the history of the United Arab Emirates, on Thursday, June 21, 2012, in a record-breaking event, seven-year-old Pritvik Sinhadc, a dinosaur genius and a gifted student at Dubai British School, released his first book titled When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth at Magrudy’s bookstore at Jumeirah, Dubai.
At the hugely successful launch, Dubai British School Principal Mark Ford, said: “I’m the first person to have his autograph which I’m holding somewhere very, very safe because I’m sure it’s going to be worth a fortune in some years to come. It’s a real pleasure to be here tonight just to share one of Dubai British School’s shining lights’ achievements because obviously when you publish a book it’s massive, it’s huge.”
Peter Moore, Head of Primary School at DBS, added: “Every gifted child has a unique quality about them, it being obvious from the very beginning that Pritvik had qualities and talents way beyond most students in that top two per cent right at the very top. As you’ll see from the book itself, the teachers he’s had throughout his time at DBS have been astounded by his knowledge, his confidence in talking to adults and sharing everything he knows about dinosaurs to the point when they’ve been absolutely amazed….I’m confident that sometime in the future there’ll be a television programme or a news flash where this particular professor has discovered a previously unknown dinosaur and I hope it’s going to be called a Pritviksaurus.”
One of Pritvik’s key mentor’s, Georgina Williams, Deputy Head of Primary at Jumeira Baccalaureate School in Dubai and Pritvik’s Year 1 Teacher at DBS, said: “With gifted children, to be part of the process of nurture and development, it’s a privilege. Pritvik, you’ve taught me a lot, not just about dinosaurs but how to teach children like you and you’ve left a big impression on my heart, and I’ll always remember you. And, like what Mr Moore said, I look forward to the day when you’re Doctor palaeontologist Pritvik.”
When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth is the FIRST book written on palaeontology to ever be released in the UAE. Additionally, Pritvik Sinhadc is the YOUNGEST author to ever write a book in palaeontology not only in the United Arab Emirates but also in the whole world.

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